Batman: Arkham VR


A Rocksteady-developed VR experience set in the world of Batman where you will have to utilise Batman's legendary gadgets to "unravel a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies". The team at Rocksteady has stated they are committed to delivering a Batman experience that stays true to the character and allows players to fully immerse themselves in the role of the World’s Greatest Detective.

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www.gaming-age.comPlayStation 4
All in all, this so far has been one of my favorite PSVR titles and hope more companies take note.
1d 0h ago
www.digitalspy.comPlayStation 4
The only thing wrong with Batman Arkham VR is that we want more.
1d 0h ago
gamingtrend.comPlayStation 4
If you ever put on a cape as a kid, you absolutely must try Batman: Arkham VR.
1d 0h ago
nzgamer.comPlayStation 4
More than a tech-demo, it’s an experience that every VR owner should try.
1d 0h ago
stevivor.comPlayStation 4
This is the best use of PlayStation VR that I’ve seen currently available.
1d 0h ago
www.videogamer.comPlayStation 4
Batman Arkham VR is an essential, unforgettable VR experience.
1d 0h ago
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