Bad Girls in Science Fiction and Fantasy 3-Book Bundle: Magic, Space Opera and Destruction by Women


A Sci-Fi/Fantasy 3- Book Bundle.

Women play just as hard as men. BAD Girls and Boys of science fiction and fantasy in a 3-Book Bundle written by Stafford Battle. Leap beyond traditional. Go radically multicultural. It NO longer is a Black and White world. We are not limited by race, age, gender or religion. Girls can be as nasty as boys. Girls can rule just as well as boys.

This is a sci-fi and fantasy e-book bundle featuring New African Tales for Adults, AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology and Rage of the Mamba -- two anthologies and a novel written by Stafford Battle. Sword and Soul, wild weird west, horror and space opera are told from a diffferent perspective. Enjoy a variety of stories with an African flavor.

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