Autumn's Fall: The second book in Eva's Ascension


As the seals on the gates of hell begin to crack beneath the human world Eva leaves her beloved Ascension to enter the dark realm in search of the child seer who has been taken.
Leaving behind her partner Silas, her demonic friend Ari and hell cat Sphinx, Eva begins a journey to save the child she loves from the clutches of her demonic creator.

But will Eva find Autumn before the inhabitants of hell realise that she is the enforcer who is so despised by their kind?
Will she get back to Ascension in time to find the source of the shifts that are causing the seals to crack and rescue Silas from the dungeons of K.O.B?
Or will Eva be forever changed in the lands that birthed her and turned into nothing more than a vessel to do her masters bidding?

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