Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 1

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In this sequel to the Evil Dead movies, Ash is back. He's accidentally summoned the Deadites once more, and they plan to eliminate him so that they can conquer the earth. To stop them, Ash must once more don the mantle and chainsaw of reluctant hero and go out to dice and slice the bad guys. Helping him are the daughter of two of the Deadites' victims, and a stockboy who believes that Ash is El Jefe, the savior foretold by the brujah. On Ash's trail are Amanda, a state cop who has had her own encounter with the Deadites, and a mysterious woman named Ruby.

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October 31, 2015
11 Months Ago

Peek Behind the Scenes of Ash Vs Evil Dead

  • 422d ago
  • by Andrew Reynolds

Twenty-three years after Army of Darkness ended Ash is back where he belongs, fighting deadites and quipping wise in the this first look behind the scenes of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: New Trailer Revealed

  • 423d ago
  • by Andrew Reynolds

Starz have unleashed a second trailer for Ash Vs Evil Dead and this time…you’ll want churros?

Ash Speaks in New Ash Vs Evil Dead Teaser

  • 511d ago
  • by Andrew Reynolds

Bruce Campbell is back baby! Ash Vs Evil Dead, the TV series that acts as a sequel to Army of Darkness and the preceding Evil Dead movies, has a new trailer out that basically serves as a chec...

First Short Teaser For Ash Vs Evil Dead

  • 568d ago
  • by Andrew Reynolds

Get excited! Ash Vs. Evil Dead is hovering through the forest, stalking towards the cabin, getting ready to…Oh God! It’s in the room!