Arsenal: Arena Combat – Core Set


Arsenal is a 2-6 player customizable card game that uses a hex-map game board, miniature mechs, tokens and 10-sided dice to facilitate play.

The player is a pilot in a combat mech arena. Each player has 1 mech card, 8 energy cards, and a shuffled deck made up of 60 cards chosen by the player before the game begins. The cards a player may have in his or her deck is limited by the mech card they have chosen.

Players take turns drawing and playing cards, while also moving their token mech around the game board arena. Attack cards are played in an attempt to damage the opponent's mech. Each player rolls dice to determine if the attack was successful or not. These die rolls are modified by cards in play. Successful attacks result in damage counters on a mech card. When enough damage counters are on a mech, that player is removed from the game. The winner is the last player standing. Alternate rules for arena events and hazards are included in the rulebook.

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