The story revolves around a Philadelphia businessman whose deadbeat brother is kidnapped for a large ransom. When everyone involved believes the deadbeat is in on the kidnapping, the businessman must take action himself.

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In light of how riveting Cage is in this film, it is a shame that he doesn’t appear more. Though he is far and away the best part about Arsenal, his scenes are relatively few, w...
10d ago
Some prime Nic Cage overacting is just a distraction from Arsenal’s faults.
10d ago
Stephen C. Miller’s Mississippi-set drama stars Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech as brothers targeted by Nicolas Cage’s diabolical crime boss.
10d ago
Nicolas Cage has been surviving on professional gruel for so long now that it seems churlish to ponder performances that, much like the movies around them, have bordered on cart...
10d ago
The old truism about pizza — that even when it's bad, it's still pretty good — also applies to Nicolas Cage movies.
10d ago
When he's on point, Nicolas Cage brings to mind Klaus Kinski, the brooding, dangerous performer whose collaborations with filmmaker Werner Herzog are typified by naked aggressio...
10d ago
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