Aprilia Scarabeo 50 / 100


The new Scarabeo comes in three versions: 50cc two-stroke, 50cc four-stroke, 100cc four-stroke. All engines are fed by carburetors, not fuel injection, and cooled by forced ventilation. Compact and lean, the resurrected Scarabeo has a 49-inch wheelbase and 16-inch cast aluminum wheels. The telefork and twin-shock swingarm provide 3.0 and 3.2 inches of wheel travel, respectively.

At only 200 pounds, the Scarabeo 50 is a very light machine, and the 100cc version is only slightly heavier than the 50cc four-stroke, which means it has a very attractive power-to-weight ratio. The seat for all Scarabeo models is set at a convenient 30.5 inches, for easy reach to the ground and a relaxed riding posture. What’s more, all models come equipped with an electric starter, a continuously variable transmission, and brakes that feature a front disc and a rear drum. Completing the retro package are appropriate graphics and a range of fashionable colors.

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