Set in 1941, Czechoslovakia was occupied by Nazi forces, governed by SS General Reinhard Heydrich, nicknamed "The Butcher of Prague." His reign of terror against the Czech resistance led Allied authorities in London to hatch a mission to assassinate him. Two soldiers from Czechoslovakia's army-in-exile were parachuted into their homeland, and set out to hunt down Heydrich.

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The movie also boasts one of the greatest shootout scenes since “The Wild Bunch.” But the image that’s seared into my mind is of another sort: a trembling soldier trying despera...
67d ago
Although Mr. Ellis, also the film’s cinematographer and co-screenwriter, has by then demonstrated his finesse with location shooting and period details, you are unprepared for t...
67d ago
Director Sean Ellis's film offers a potent examination of the moral rectitude of resistance.
67d ago
But though Anthropoid lacks narrative ambition, the film justifies its reason for being thanks to a devastating final half-hour.
67d ago
Two Czechoslovakian freedom fighters are parachuted into their occupied homeland in a bid to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the ‘Butcher of Prague’.
67d ago
Cillian Murphy stars in this intelligent thriller about the Czech resistance fighters who assassinated an architect of the Holocaust in 1942.
67d ago
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