American Horror Story Season 4

TV Series Season

This is the fourth season of American Horror Story, a horror television series that is an anthology – with each season being self-contained and covering its own characters, setting and self-contained storyline.

Season four was commissioned on November 6th, 2013. Subtitled ‘Freak Show’, it takes place in Jupiter, Florida during the year 1952 and centres around one of the few remaining American freak shows.

Decades have passed since the public has looked upon freak shows as a form of entertainment, but owner Elsa Mars dreams of finding a home for her "monsters", as well as her own fame. When conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler are taken to the hospital, Elsa sees her chance to finally drum up some business for her sideshow, hoping the two sisters will save her troupe once and for all.

Other members include Jimmy Darling, a boy born with syndactyly who dreams of leaving the carny life behind and living a normal life. Jimmy's mother, the bearded lady Ethel Darling, is Elsa's second in command and maintains law and order under the tent.

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