All We Had


Ruthie continually makes the best of her mother Rita's hard luck. When their attempt at settling in a new town hits a stumbling block, even Ruthie struggles to keep it together.

Based on Annie Weatherwax's 2014 novel, Katie Holmes's feature directorial debut is an enriching coming-of-age drama about a resilient mother and daughter who find strength in each other.

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Just look around in any American town or city, and you can see people living on the edge of economic stability. Undoubtedly there is too much of it—but there’s also too much of ...
34d ago
Katie Holmes's film is more earnest than remarkable, but with its heart in the right place.
34d ago
A stellar, brazen performance by the Dawson’s Creek actor and her strong cast keep this film, about the bond between a wayward mother and daughter, afloat.
34d ago
The actress works both sides of the camera in this cliché-riddled tale of a mother and daughter rambling through life.
34d ago
Katie Holmes stars in her directorial debut about a mother and daughter struggling to survive financially.
34d ago
Katie Holmes’ helming debut is an undistinguished drama about a zero income mother-daughter duo hit hard by the economic downturn.
34d ago
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