After Hours Season 1

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Willow Hannigan is an 18-year-old music lover who's just had his heart broken for the first time. There are no jobs in town, his beautiful ex-girlfriend Jasmine has moved on to someone new and most of his mates have gone away to university while he's been left behind, living with his parents.

The only thing that keeps him sane, other than his best friend Chris, is listening to After Hours, a local internet radio show broadcast from a canal boat, run by Lauren and Ollie, two friends in their late 20s who have somehow ended up living in Shankly.

Willow's dad is Peter Hannigan, an ex-milkman who found himself jobless when the big supermarket opened. He's married to Anna, who would secretly love a job at the new supermarket and Geoff is Peter's best friend who finds sanctuary on the Hannigan's sofa.

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Sky 1
Sky 1
November 2, 2015
11 Months Ago