After Here Through Midland (Expanded Edition)


The bonus material on this collection features all the single versions, non-album b-sides, remixes and alternate versions which were released throughout the promotion of the original album. The CD booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes including track annotations from Peter Kingsbery, the singer and bass player who wrote all of the bands songs. Additionally, it features a detailed, illustrated discography and newly written liner notes.

1. Just Around The Corner
2. The Biggest Fool Of All
3. El Norte
4. I'll Send Them Your Way
5. Another Story
6. Coward's Courage
7. Every Moment
8. Precious Dreams
9. After Here Through Midland
10. Open Book (Single Version)
11. Bloodof A Saint
12. For Dear Life
13. Just Around The Corner (Extended Remix)
14. The Biggest Fool Of All (Dance Mix)
15. El Norte (Reinforced Dance Mix)
16. El Norte (El Club Mix)
17. El Norte (Los Bonus Beats)

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