Adventure Capitalists Season 1

TV Series Season

The four-episode series gives entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their product in the environment it's designed for - the great outdoors! From an acoustic shark repellent and a collapsible loo for camping, to a three-wheel, all-terrain electric bike, "Adventure Capitalists" tests these potentially game-changing products to see if they're worthy of a big investment. Produced by 3 Ball Entertainment, the series features passionate thrill-seeking investors - Dhani Jones, Jeremy Bloom and Craig Cooper - who take on both physical and financial risk while setting out on the next great adventure. In each one-hour episode, hopeful entrepreneurs pitch the Adventure Capitalists on a new recreation product for the outdoors in hopes of landing a life-changing investment. With real expeditions in different terrains each week, the Adventure Capitalists put the products through extreme endurance testing to see how they hold up against Mother Nature.

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August 22, 2016
2 Months Ago