2016 Buick Verano


The next generation of Buick’s Chevy Cruze–based Verano compact sedan, caught in Europe wearing German license plates. From the looks of this prototype, the next-gen Verano sits behind the next Cruze on the development schedule, as the Chevy has already debuted in its Chinese-market form. It’s possible that, like the Cruze, the Verano will look different in the Chinese and U.S. markets, and that we’ve spied the Asian version here.

Either way, here’s what we can tell about this prototype: Aerodynamics clearly trumped machismo, with the roofline following the industry trend toward longer, flatter front and rear glass, outstretched C-pillars, and ever-shorter trunklids. The front end is now more sloped, with a low-set grille and headlamps—all lighting elements are placeholders, of course. The rear quarter-panels and doors on this prototype adopt Buick’s trademark haunch, while the tall rear end is ever-so-slightly ducktailed and features dual trapezoidal exhaust finishers set inside a dark lower bumper graphic.

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